Baby it’s hot in the city

My biggest fear about moving to London was the cold. Who would have thought I’d get here and be whining about the heat?! It is bloody hot! 32 degrees again today and without the ocean breeze or an ocean to jump into it’s stifling!

11 house viewings in 1 daySo we dominated our first day in London. Raced around what felt like every street in Clapham and viewed 11 houses. Applied for our favourite and by 6:30pm we’d been accepted. Boom!!! 4 bedroom 3 story gorgeous London terrace house – slightly different from our little Shelley Beach love nest! Importantly, plenty of room for visitors – when are you coming?

Despite the heat, I’ve been clocking up 10kms a day wandering the streets to suss out the new hood. And I may have been lulled into a false sense of security with the summer weather but I’m loving it! Feels very European with lot of cafe’s and bars and people on the streets drinking Aperol Spritzers in the afternoons. And the green commons busy with people picnicking and playing sports until the sun goes down…. Around 10pm! Loving the late sunsets!!!


And the restaurants!!! My favourite place was a surprise discovery on Saturday. After wandering the Notting Hill and the Portabello markets with Meri (visiting from Australia), Chris and I walked through Hyde Park (buzzing with literally thousands of people spotted around having picnics, renting row boats, eating ice creams, playing in the paddling pools) until  the pregnant woman’s feat started to get a bit sore. We wandered out of the park and stumbled on the most gorgeous place – Maggie Jones. Apparently an old favourite of Princess Margaret who used to sneak into here under a pseudonym, this place is quaint, candlelit and  just perfect – to top it off the food was amazing. Massively recommend!


The lovely Leela took me out to explore Richmond which felt worlds apart from the London city that I had imagined and only 10 minutes on the train! We walked the pretty little streets, along the river and through fields of cows to the incredibly beautiful Petersham Nursery. Gorgeous gardens and greenhouses and with a Michelin star restaurant in the centre greenhouse – very special! We just had a bite at the cafe but I’ll be back to feast and to deck out the new house!


My friend Asa live in the city and we had wee date meeting in Angel and walking along the canals to London Fields for a lunch date. We’re planning a weekly date to explore somewhere new in London. And got Stockholm tips for our trip next week.

Another great thing about being back is being able to spend more time with Chris’s uni/school mates. We’ve had dinners with Alex & Kendall, Faz, Trickey, Mooney & Louise and spent yesterday celebrating the Ali & Leela’s gorgeous little Alba at her Christening in the cutest little town called Barnes…. Which predominantly meant Ali popping a lot of magnums of Rose in a picturesque little garden at the back of a gorgeous little English pub.


Today I came up with a brilliant idea – the pool! Never one to miss an opportunity to explore, I decide to walk the 8kms to check out the new hood. It’s stinking hot and I’m pleased to check the map and find out I’ve nearly arrived at the Tooting Lido. I turn the corner to a big group of people…. Apparently everyone has had the same idea. There are over 100 people in the line! Guess there aren’t the same beach, harbour and pool options in London!


Spotted a cool looking chick in the post office. Loved her style and heard her chatting on the phone and decided she was a PLU (People Like Us) – but then realised I was a total dag in my trainers (only pregnancy symptom is sore feet but that could be all the walking?!) and woosed out! Worked up the courage with another one in the doctors today but turns out she is not pregnant with her first but her third. Got her email address but 3 young kids sounds stressful for a coffee date!

We’ve booked Stockholm and Helsinki to leave on Friday. Until then I’ll be stalking cool looking mums to be or with well behaved little one on the streets of Clapham xxx


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