How do you leave this?! Lucky I’ve been bribed with adventures…..

It’s sad to pack up the Shelly Beach pad. What a place to live! Who would have thought I’d end up in Manly and now be a heading off to London?!

How to say goodbye to this?!

Leaving a home that you love and family and friends you absolutely adore to head to a new country with a growing bump could no doubt be daunting. I feel slightly nervous but mostly excited by the new experiences ahead!

I’m pumped to explore the streets of London, weekends away in the English countryside, ticking off everywhere on my Europe map and hopefully in 2.5 years catching some elusive summer days in bonnie Scotland.

The husband has already bribed me with a trip to Stockholm, Helsinki, and Milan pre baby and booked me in for a month back in Oz in November with the wee one. In anticipation of me really feeling the cold after Christmas I’m promised an escape to Barbados in January and a ski trip in February. Now this is all in writing he has to keep his promises!!!

Just need to find somewhere to live, and have the baby…

Speaking of baby…. It’s going to be a baptism of fire with a wedding in Ireland one month in and then back in Australia 8 weeks in. Any tips for traveling with a wee one – send them over! Otherwise i’ll hopefully soon be a pro and share my tips.

After lots of advice on where to live in London, I think we’ve settled on Clapham. Looks like lots of green space, great houses, buzzing high streets – Northcote & Abbeville Roads – and pretty easy to get around London with great transport links. I’ve never been myself but guess that means there will be lots of new places to explore.

Bring it on London x



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