Eating my way through London.. my faves so far

Not a secret to anyone who knows me – I LOVE food. Not only do I love food, I love researching food, new restaurants and particularly restaurants in new cities, And I’m in luck – London has an endless supply of cool places!

My favourites so far…..

Gaucho, Richmond on Thames

Picturesque setting in Richmond on Thames in a boathouse style building overlooking the river and a pretty stone bridge. A great place to enjoy a special late summertime dinner and watch the sunset which at nearly 10pm is such a treat!

Snag a table on the terrace and the branches of the huge plane tree in the centre.  Your waiter will  bring around the cuts of Argentinian steak to choose from and I recommend sharing – they cook it to perfection and bring it to the table to slice and serve you. Excellent Argentinian wine to top it off – Mendoza Malbec my recommendation!

The Towpath, Richmond Riverside, Richmond TW10 6UJ
Phone: 020 8948 4030



Maggie Jones 

Set up like a quaint Farmhouse barn over two levels of an old brick terrace house this is a gem of a restaurant tucked down a little side street near Kensington Palace. It has apparently been here forever and is named after princess Margaret who used to visit under the pseudonym ‘Maggie Jones’. The decor is warm, homely and utterly romantic with rustic candles in old wine bottles on all the tables. For a romantic date, sneak into one of the old wooden booths.

Food is British/French bistro style – rustic, hearty and really reasonably well priced. We had lamb and roast pork with all the sides and delicious fresh grainy bread that taste like it was straight out of the oven. Sadly we were too full for desert but the crumble would have been my pick!

Upstairs @ Maggie Jones



6 Old Ct Pl, Kensington, London W8 4PL

Phone: 020 7937 6462







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